Tiny Leviathan Software

Where the ware is soft and the beasts are apocalyptic.

Tiny Leviathan is a new "development startup," which is a vague euphemism that software people use to dodge questions about their lack of finished products.

Our first project, Statistically Insignificant, will be out "soon," but soon is a term relative with the heat death of the universe and we've got a lot going on this next month while we dig receipts out of the garage and try to prove that trip to the container store was a business expense.

To learn more about us and our projects, please click on the big, shiny buttons below. We made them in Illustrator, and they took a while because we aren't very good with computers.



Have fun storming the castle

About Us

What about us? Is there some reason you need to know about us? Why are you even here? Maybe you should worry more about yourself. Have you actually considered applying to grad school? What are you going to do in the next downturn unless you develop your skills?

Da projects


Come and take a look at the numerous projects that we have not finished, but that we will totally finish just as soon as that one check comes in. Jebathorne is trying to sell his four-wheeler but people keep complaining about the serial number being shaved off. We'll figure it out, just give us another week.

Just awful, really.

Horrible Blog

A blog is a horrible piece of Internetings designed for sociopathic narcissists to sporadically share their internal monologues without a single gatekeeper to tell them that their ideas are not important, their arguments are poorly developed, and their emotions are not sympathetic. Here is ours.

Horrible Blog Post
We are now a thing
Here is the first blog post. Everything will be terrible now.

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And rest assured that we will never sell your personal information, because we cannot figure out how. Unrelated, but if you are a rich money business person looking to purchase personal information, I know at least three people. How much is someone's Social worth?

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